Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows

My self-imposed blog break has ended. I finished The Deathly Hollows tonight. I will not review it. I liked the book too much to dissect it. Suffice it to say that my family purchased one copy. My wife had the first read, I was up second. I read after she fell asleep and any other time I could get my hands on the book. I picked it up full time yesterday. What a great read. I love it.

On another note, my blog received almost 10,000 hits today. It is the highest single day hit count my blog has ever experienced. The cause... Kimberly Bell announced she would be appearing in the November issue of Playboy. If you type her name in Google, this post appears on the front page. It looks like a lot of people what to see what she looks like.


Matt C said...

I read it cover to cover Sunday, and it is up there as one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi series (behind Tolkein, Herbert, Asimov, and a few others).


MothandRust said...

I read it Sunday too. It was kinda neat having a shared reading experience where people all around the world were reading the same book.

Ha, I suppose that's how Christians feel every sunday morning.

Anonymous said...
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Mojoey said...

sorry - no nutball truthers allowed.