Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kimberly Bell outs Barry Bonds on Steroids

I think Bonds is your everyday archetypical superstar jerk athlete, who goes out of his way to set a bad example to our youth. I does not bother me at all that he will miss a season because of a knee injury, in fact it would not bother me if he just stayed away from baseball all together. I am tired of explaining what steroids are to my son.

It would seem that Bonds’ skeletons are coming out of the closet.
The Galvin Opinion has a great summary of the Kimberly Bell interview. Bell, who was Bonds’ mistress, alleges Bonds told her of his steroid use and that she saw the evidence of steroid use on Bonds’ body.

In the interest of fairness, I would like to point out that Bell’s allegations could be sour grapes. She is a woman scorned and could just be making it all up. Everything she said in the interview could have been fabricated. Nah.

See a good picture of Kimberly Bell here.


Anonymous said...

Uh, you are an idiot. And there will be far worse things to explain to your son than what steroids, "Dad, why does everyone have a brain but you".

True fan said...

People can say whatever they want to say but Barry Bonds has never tested positive for steroids regardless of how many people say they saw him or he told them. As for Kimberly Bell I'll only say this "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". How much of what she said can be trusted at this point. She is getting paid to tell this story over and over again

Bitter in Denver said...

True Fan you're blind. Now I am not saying that Bonds is not a great player, he was pretty good before the steroid years. But to say that he has never tested positive is such a cop out. The number thru-out the league have diminished since the Federal investigation, and oh yeah, since that time Bonds hasn't even sniffed 30 a year. What a joke this is and a total cop out and I am tired of hearing it. True she is getting paid to do this but it does not invalidate what she is saying. Kind of an interesting situation that Bonds and MLB finds itself in. Bonds and the HR race between Sosa and Mcguire really helped bring the game back. Now MLB is unsure as to handle Bonds, seemingly distancing themselves from him. All in all, this is sports in the modern era, cheaters and fixing of games, point covering. It is disgusting to see every major sport plagues by corruption and scandal. I just hope that this ego maniac Bonds goes down for his unfair advantage. Hank Aaron had so much more going against him, what would he have done with steriods? I'm off my soap box now, bitter as he!!

Anonymous said...

Ok True Fan here it is Bonds is obviously using steroids. I mean there are so many factors that prove it. Plus if you think about it the drug tests they take they just go in and piss in a cup without anyone seeing if he was the one who did it. These types of "sports" are nothing like cycling, you can't buy your way out of a drug test like you can in baseball also when you are taking the drug test in baseball no one is checking to make sure you're not going to cheat. In cycling there is someone in the room, making sure you strip all of the way and checking everything so that you DON'T cheat. so you can't say he didn't test positive. Plus the fact that the trainer wouldn't tell if it was steroids he was giving Bonds and if Bonds had any clue what he was taking. So you can't say that he isn't taking steroids, I mean everything points to yes.