Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Whoever designed this had a sick sense of humor. It perfectly captures the look one has when… well you get the idea.

Taken while in line at the local Del Taco.


passthebread said...

Thanks for the kind words. As for this pic...Think if they had put a smile on his face.

Johnny Crow said...

I seem to have a problem trying to comment on your blog a lot... I wish they would fix the server...

Anyway, your pic reminds me so much of home, making fun of all the little smiley heads, the cactus and of course the weiners on peoples antennas. I miss Del Taco too, that is probably the only place, other than the occasional weinersnitzel(sp?) that I would eat fast food at again.

It would be funnier if it was smiling... how true.