Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pastor Charged With Bomb Threat

Pastor Daniel Wood has some explaining to do. Like - what the hell where he thinking?

Wood, the pastor of the Fourth Congregational Church of Chicago on North Talman, aided in Colom’s campaign against incumbent Ald. Rey Colon (35th), a source said. Colom is the former alderman of the ward but was unseated by Colon in 2003. In their rematch this year, Colom lost in the April runoff.

According to law enforcement sources, a few weeks before that runoff, Wood dined with Colom and two others at a Mexican restaurant on Lincoln Avenue. At one point during the meal, Wood allegedly called Colom’s cell phone from his cell phone and told her a bomb had been planted at her Diversey Avenue campaign headquarters

If you need any further proof that mixing politics and religion is evil, look no further than Daniel Wood. He was willing to commit an act of terrorism just to help an Alderman get elected. How stupid is that?

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tina said...

Not only stupid, hard telling what all goes on in politics!

Anonymous said...

Check his past, former felon, con artist, and not even a real pastor.