Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can you sue for being crazy?

A former British teaching assitant thinks so. Sariya Allen is suing for $100,000 in damages after being dismissed for refusing to allow a seven year old girl to read a Harry Potter book.

"I admit I said to the child that I don't do witchcraft in any form," she said. "I was put in the position that listening to the child reading this book would compromise my religious beliefs."

I did not know the U.K. had nutball fundies. Are fundies spreading?


Sean the Blogonaut said...

They're everywhere. I can't really see the harm in Harry Potter other than boring me to tears. Mind you think books are fairly long, maybe she wasn't used to reading any longer than a couple of verses. Or perhaps she found it hard to read a book that flowed logically form one chapter to the next, unlike a certain unamed good book.

global said...


aidan said...

The Harry Potter histrionics seem to have no end. Presumably Tolkien comes in for the same censure. I'm not sure how the mere act of reading makes a fundie guilty by association. Perhaps they are more suggestible - but more likely they're just using this to get a few headlines. Anything to score brownie points for Jesus.

tina said...

What's the difference between Harry Potter books and the bible??