Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Atheist Register

The Atheist Register: We should all register, that way they will know where to find us. 17 atheists have posted already. What were they thinking?

- I'm all for being outspoken about my atheism... but why register to say so, what's the goal here?

Quite simply the goal is to achieve that of which Dawkins and many other note Atheists ask, that we be counted that we come out from behind the shadow and the shame that is cast upon us as Atheists. It has been mentioned that Atheists now, are viewed upon much like the gay community was viewed 40+ years ago. Why should we be ashamed of what we believe, why should we be ashamed of wanting to find the answers instead of assuming them. The only way to achieve this change, to be noticed and to be viewed without the prejudice we are viewed upon with is to do so in numbers, to be proud and to join together in that.

Shame? What the hell is he talking about? Shame? The last time I felt ashamed was when I was a Christian.

I will not be signing... Mojoey passes (or more accurately, rejects the whole fucking idea of a register.)

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vjack said...

Interesting. I agree with your decision not to sign. If it is legit, I understand what they are doing for (publicity and site traffic), but I can't help thinking that there are many Christian groups (perhaps with influence in the American government) who wouldn't mind getting their hands on this.

Man, I am really starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist. Must...resist...urge to start watching Star Trek and wear tinfoil hat.

Carolyn Ann said...

I strikes me as one of those vaguely conceived, and probably well-intentioned, efforts to "respond" to the Christian Critic on their own terms.

"You're not organized, as we are!"
"Oh, yeah? I'll show you!"

Ah well. Atheism (as you know!) isn't about beng counted, or being organized (what's next? A leader emerges, who tells fellow atheists what to think?!?).

Reject the idea? Let's toss it into the nearest harbor.

Carolyn Ann

Aerik said...

What the fuck is this, the Mutant Registration Act from X-Men?

Darwin's Dagger said...

Yeah, I'm already part of the Atheist blogroll, and that's about as signed up as I want to be.

tina said...

Ditto, Darwin's Dagger!