Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bubba on Dobson

A new blog (to me anyway), Bubba Sounds Off, takes a long hard look a Dobson's Eleven Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage in his post Deflating Dobson's Rhetoric. I found it delightfully snarky.

Dr. Dobson, it looks like you’ve got some rather shaky standards for what constitutes “evidence”. If you’re using the expression “the real McCoy” to refer to traditional, heterosexual marriages, have all such marriages been eliminated in those countries? In fact, can you identify even one marriage that’s been destroyed by the presence of a “de-facto homosexual marriage”? And for those who prefer the option of traditional marriage, is it any less available to them than it used to be? If not, then I guess your use of the word “destroys” is a bit over the top, huh? Hyperbole is certainly a hallmark of opponents of same sex marriage. It will be interesting to see how heavily your own commentary will rely on it.


Thanks Bubba!


DFV said...

Dobson still resides in his home-made "Evangelical Vatican" - a place and mindset he will not leave. His power is now so absolute and impregnible that he is addressed as "Your Royal Highness of Family Values"

I guess it's futile to rale against him, but please, for the rest of us, keep on doing it!!

I'm writing a book (Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers) and my research on Dobson has caused me to have nightmares!

Be SO Glad said...

Hi Brother-man,

SEEK and Ye Shall... FIND