Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and now for some dumb pastor news

I don't know what to say... Pastor Shoots off cat's head.

Virginia - A volunteer firefighter who leads weekly religious services at a homeless shelter received a suspended sentence for shooting the head off a neighbour's cat.

Jonathan Hubert Powell, 39, said he decapitated the cat, named Garcia, because it was scratching his car, according to his testimony.

But on Monday, Powell said he shot at what he thought was a raccoon or possum.

He was convicted of animal cruelty in the April 2006 shooting and received the two-year suspended sentence.

After his sentencing, Powell said he learned some "very valuable lessons" that he hopes to share in his ministry.

"I'm sorry that an animal had to die," he said. "I will admit I made a very poor decision."

I don't have anything snaky to say. I must not be feeling well.


The Anonymous Atheist said...

Damn, I want to know where that is! I live in Virginia, and I'd like to know how far away this guy is.

yinyang said...

Isn't cruelty to animals one of the signs of a serial killer?

tina said...

Please don't let your animals roam free. It's all for the better, diseases, attacks by other animals, more babies, feral cats spraying doors marking territories, it just makes sense. I feel bad for the people that owned the kitty though, they're like part of your family. This guy is a pastor??

Johnny Crow said...

I guess I just think a bit differently, If you have a varmint or creature that is on your property, I would shoo it away or even do what the guy did. I would have shot the damn thing. Then again if you didn't know it was a cat then he shouldn't have shot at it in the first place... but that is besides the point... I just don't see how this is bad. Also whether he was religious or a pastor or not is moot, he was a guy who shot at a cat or animal because it was on his property and fuckin with his shit. Sounds like me. lol. Thats just my two cents.