Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zero Tolerance

The Presbyterian Church has a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct. To prove it, they fired the Reverend Dennis Cobb for exposing himself to an undercover detective in a public park. 

Cobb has pled not guilty to the charge. I can see his defense now. "I was sitting in my car with my pants off...".

Zero tolerance is a good idea. I wonder if the loose collection of individual churches operating under the banner of "Baptists" are listening?

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Gary McGath said...

Zero tolerance is very seldom a good idea, as LiveJournal has recently demonstrated with its capricious suspension of legitimate journals under its own zero-tolerance policy. A policy that punishes harmless flirting isn't needed to enable proper action against serious misconduct, such as the case described.

Zero-tolerance policies waste resources and trivialize genuine misconduct.

Mojoey said...

Gary - zero tolerance for showing your doodle to a police officer is more in line with what I am thinking. Otherwise we will have people fired for winking from the pulpit.

Anonymous said...

I love "zero tolerance", or as they call it in the old country, INTOLERANCE.

Intolerance is, as we all know, preached by angry Jesus, who hated everyone. That's why the people got mad one day and pointed him out to the Roman soldiers. Then they all screwed his scrawny ass to some plywood and had the biggest party ever!

The party lasted three days and three nights until that freakin' zombie rose from the grave again. Weirdo!

Eek said...

I think we should apply zero tolerance policies to all hypocritical christians... and churches for that matter.

Can you imagine all the empty pews?