Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pedophile Priest busted in Albany

Father Raymond Ethier was busted with child pronography on his personal computer. it is an odd story, it seems the Department of Homeland Security napped this freak.

Federal papers show this was a quick investigation run by the feds. It started after a man told another over the Internet he was abusing his step-children. Investigators say they tracked down a person using the screen name "nudistdude23" to Ethier. But it was what they allegedly found on his computer that is at the core of the charges.

Ethier was busted by Homeland Security. Why does that sound odd?


Anonymous said...

Why, it shouldn't sound odd to anyone if they understand that the US is a fascist country and that Homeland Security is a cuter form of Nazism. Just heil at Adolf and shutup. Big Brother loves you. Freedom is slavery. Trust no one, including your creepy uncle.

Anonymous said...

The current administration is unaware that fascism is a BAD thing. Their push to form a theocratic and authoritarian state is backed by those crazy evangelists who seem to think that anyone who thinks differently than them is dangerous. The irony of it all is that they are what's dangerous and wrong with America.

Anonymous said...

Nothing odd, simply another example of a government agency using laws meant to go after terrorists being used instead to go after people who download porn

Anonymous said...

Actually, anonymous2, the crazy evangelists are actually the pawns since the current administration is in fact backed up by super-globo-corporations that bigger than the US government and therefore control it like a stringed marionette. Dance, puppet, dance. Play the fool! Entertain the kiddies with your dancing (while they get raped)! Yeah!

And remember: Trust and love no one, including your mother, because your true and only mother is Big Brother who loves you so dearly that he's courageously fighting the war against terror on your behalf by increasing security and making sure that you don't leave the dying country. Love your country. Love Big Brother. Hail Oceania!

Anonymous said...

PS, Americans realize that their voting system is a videogame, don't they? I mean, we all know the votes are fixed, right? You all know that 2008 is just going to bring in a prearranged president, right?