Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aardvarchaeology : Carnivalesque 27

When people ask me which blogs I read, I invariably point them to Aardvarchaeology. It is a great blog, written by a fellow atheist. He focuses on archaeology, and science - it's all good.

This week Martin is hosting Carnivalesque 27.

Carnivalesque deals in Ancient, Medieval and (in even-numbered instalments) Early Modern history...

My favorite is a forgotten account of the Council of Niceae in AD325.  From the words of an unknown eye witness, we can see the creation of the Catholic Church.

The General Council having thus received authority from the king, the fathers directed that there should be gradations in the assembly and that each Bishop should sit in his place according to his rank. Chairs were there made for all and the king entered and sat with them.

And so it began.

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Martin said...

Hey man, thanks! Warms my heart.

beepbeepitsme said...

Don't you just love the decisions made by committees.

"Let's vote on whether there is a gawd."

Martin said...

The dyslexic agnostic lies awake nights, wondering, "Is there a dog?".