Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today in the mail

My wife dropped this mailer in front of me tonight with a laugh. It's going in my "odd things from Christians file". In this case, the Knott Avenue Christian Church, which is not to be confused with the Knott Avenue 1st Christian Church, of the Christian Church of Knott Avenue, or the Knott Avenue Reformed Church - I can go on and on... The last thing either of us need to do is take sex lessons from our fundie neighbors. Yuck. Repeat after me - everything I need to know about sex I learned through practice.

Whatever packs em in I guess. I wonder if David Trotter and the Revolution Church will use this approach next? Let me see, appeal to greed, appeal to titillation, appeal to what next - gluttony?

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Lexcen said...

As I have been corrected in one of my blogs about religion and sex, it's only the Catholics that have hangups about sex. Or so they tell me.