Thursday, April 12, 2007

light and dust bunnies

Abstract2 I've been struggling with my digital camera these last few days. My CCD has dust bunnies and some light fogging. Cleaning it has become a major project. I have to shoot reference pictures to find the dust and then tediously remove them. I've done it seven times already. I still have more to go. I believe it is a design flaw. At this point, my camera is all but useless. Nikon needs to come up with a better design.

I shot this abstract light study today during a cleaning session. If you look close you can see a few bunnies.

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the old joke where a guy sends his grandmother a thankyou note for the automatic camera she sent him. " Thank you so much. It's so automatic I have 125 exposures of me loading the damn thing..."
(predigital, of course)