Monday, April 23, 2007

One the road again

I wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know what is going on with the blogroll. It appears that my be dead for good. Since they don't update their news page, nor do they return emails, I can only conclude that this latest outage is a sure sign that they have gone belly up.  I'm testing two possible replacement currently, however neither offers the versatility of the original blogrolling service. Blogrolling  is not rocket science, there should be many competitors, so far I've only found two. If anyone knows of a better service, please pass it on.

I'm on travel to the great state of Texas this week. I'm not going to the "great" part. My destination is Del Rio, with a few days spent across the border in Acuna. All I can say about the "twin" cities is that  if it were not work related, I would never ever go there. Because of the travel, posting may be light over the next few days.

Checkout the great open threaded conversation on an alleged pedophile in Lubbock Texas. The church is using the post as a healthy sounding board to discuss and resolve their problems. Plus, I'm getting a lot of positive email from people asking me to keep posting on this subject, so I think I will.

I'll try to post a picture or two of a few cows, or maybe a real live Texas state police officer - since they pull me over so often.


jamon said...

I've just noticed some *new* entries on the blogroll - It may be coming round.

Carolyn Ann said...

Becky ( uses BlogLines. I think it's at "".

I must admit that I use Becky's blogroll as a shortcut to some other blogs I read!

I don't think Becky has had much trouble with it.

Hope this helps,
Carolyn Ann


My blogroll seems to be working.


I did notice that it was saying that none of the blogs had updated for a while. Now, the updates are starting to kick in.