Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ex-pastor gets six years in molestation case

Hat tip to my friend Imogen.

I missed this one! It happened in my own back yard and it had drama and everything! It seems that William Malgren collapsed when told he would spend six years in State Prison. I sure visions of violent ass rapes danced in his head. I have no sympathy. He molested a 7 year old girl over a 7 year period, damaging her young life in innumerable ways. I think a little rehabilitation is justified.

Malgren was pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Moscow, Idaho. the Sheriff's arrest report indicates they are concerned that Malgren may have molested other girls and are asking for people to come forward if they have information. None have come forward so far.

Grace Baptist Church changed its name to New Hope Baptist Church. The key word is Baptist. I called 208-466-0312 for a comment from the current pastor, they would not take my call. What do you say New Hope? How do you feel about having a pedophile pastor as your spiritual leader for four years? More importantly - how do your daughters feel?


Bill said...

Hey Mojoey,

This is Bill from www.awaitingrain.typepad.com.

Things like this help me to really understand on a gut level the hatred of all-things-Christian that many have.

On behalf of Jesus-followers everywhere, I offer my profound apologies for the actions of this sick, twisted freak.

Thanks Mojoey, for exposing what needs to see the light of day.

Mojoey said...

Bill - i would not call it hate. I admire most Christians. Most are good people. I hold in contempt those in leadership positions who abuse their power or influence

tina said...

I agree Mojoey. If people would really be aware of who is in office and who the lobbying groups are,it would open their eyes.

Anonymous said...

I knew Pastor Bill when He was in Iowa, A Vet. from the vietnam war, a green beret actually, He was passionate about his work, his family and his God. He was more dedicated to these than any person I know or knew at the time. It was a long time ago and my only problem with the whole deal is that if this girl was so DESTROYED by what happened why did she wait? Until all these Catholic victims where counting out money on damages, than she comes forward. I can't explain it, all I know is that the Pastor Bill I knew was the best Pastor our church has had period. and to your foolish comment about him passing out during the sentencing, hes lost almost 40 lbs and is extremely pail looking. He was having heart trouble before this ordeal now his family is going to have to be without him(hes the sole provider) for up to 6 years! His wife works 3 jobs and one daughter works 2 just to keep the lights on! I realize that justice must be served I'm a Corrections Officer I believe that too, but think about the people(even the victim) before you post something like that. I realize its your right, but I'm sure you also have some compassion, maybe not, but just because you have the right doesn't make it right.

Mojoey said...

Anonymous friend of a pedophile, your friend is about to experience what it feel like to be on the receiving end of sexual aggression. It is the price society dictates for raping and molesting young children. Don’t blame me for your friend’s transgressions – Your friend is a horrible criminal – he can rot in jail, or die in jail, or more likely spend his remaining years a a seamen receptacle. It does not matter to me, he brought it on himself.

My heart goes out to his family. It must be horrible to face the reality that your husband has utterly failed as a man, that he left his family without the means to take care of itself, that he disgraced his family, his friends, his church, and his god. Perhaps his wife should divorce him and find a husband who does not like to molest little girls.

Attack me if you will, your friend is the pedophile. I feel pretty good by comparison.

Regarding the victim, she came forward when she realized Bill the Pedophile was a pastor at another church with access to children. It is the morally right thing to do. You know about the whole “morals” thing right? Or, maybe not – you might have learned at the knee of a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

I was a student at Thousand Oaks Baptist School while William Malgren was pastor there...I spent 8 years at the school and he was there for probably 3 or 4 of them. I am saddened by this. He never did anything to me...I am so glad about that! I spent a lot of time with him. He'd drive on field trips, take us on backpacking trips, teach PE classes, speak at chapels, etc. I was alone with him many times. I am so fortunate that he never attempted anything with me.

The parents of one of his victims really are to blame here. The mother told me personally that when they found out about it they DID NOT WANT TO PRESS CHARGES. They wanted him to get counseling. Forgive and forget I guess. This girl's parents should have done something about it when they found out but chose not to. I believe this is the girl that came forward. Her parents really did her wrong!

6 years really is nothing for all the damage he has done to many kids.

Sad Sad Sad all the way around.

Former Thousand Oaks Baptist Member said...

I went to this church for years while William Malgren was pastor. My mother worked directly for this scumbag and the tales I could tell about what happened behind closed office doors! He systematically tried to eliminate the male population of the church body by getting them to sign up for the military service without parental consent.
This man is evil. This man has always made me uncomfortable. I knew the victim and her family. How to you think a family would feel, especially the mother actually walking in on the act? They are not to blame, the entire chruch and decon board are to blame for not calling the authorities. He hurt this girl/woman and I have always felt horrible for her and her lovely family. He is one of the reasons I have stopped going to "church" and have chosen my own way of loving God.
I hope this man rots in prison. Its terrible for his family; They don't deserve to have to suffer for his sick perverted mind...

Anonymous said...

I have gone to the church in moscow since I was a child and never have seen or suspected anything from William Malgren. I think highly of William Malgren. I too think that crime deserves punishment. However it is very odd to me that the girl chooses now to come out and say something after the similar recent lawsuits have ended in a settlement.

I must say that all of these comments sadden me. It would be terrible for you to allow one person to influence your spiritual decisions. It would be like saying that a teacher once took advantage of a child so I will never go to school again. In the sad world we live in today we are surrounded by many perverse people, we can not allow it to influence us to be hermits. I pray for you all, that you will find the lord. And that you may think about all, the victem, and others families involved before you post such comments.

Mojoey said...

What is odd about a woman bringing charges when she realizes Malgren has access to children an another church?

And I am far from a hermit. I don't go to Church because I do not believe in god. Others may choose to stop attending after coming face to face with a monster. It is what happens when "nice guys" are allowed to molest our daughters in the name of their religions. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Ultimately the parents are to blame if they did not report this. Yes, the church should have done something but they didn't. No one will look out for you more than family will and no one cares for you like your family does...the buck stops at the parents...they should have done something. You cannot rely on other people to take care of you. You have to look out for yourself and her parents should have been looking out for her. The parents LET HER DOWN! They did not stick up for her and defend and protect her. They let Malgren go without consequence.

Also, this was not the only family that was devastated by this man. There are others who did not want to go to court about this.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you heard mention of any settlement? No, and you won't. This wasn't about money, never was and never will be.
For any of you who claim to know what "really" happened, be careful for those who do know, are watching.
For the one who was a student at TOBS- I am thankful that he did leave you alone. I'd be interested in knowing what years you where there- maybe he already had someone else.
To the one who left this comment- "Also, this was not the only family that was devastated by this man. There are others who did not want to go to court about this."
I wish for you to encourage those who you know are still carrying this around. If they are fine with themselves, knowing that he will never be allowed near young girls again, then I am glad that they can have that peace. This victim came forward because she only just found out he was a pastor again. She did not believe he would ever be allowed since he is under the GARBC and you would think that they would follow the Bible's teaching in that a Pastor is to be a pure man. They did know some of what this man did but obviously that meant nothing to them. If any victim, and not just with this man, but any victim, has not come forward about a crime dealt to them and now struggles with "he got away with it", you need to go to the authorities. Most of the time, these cases do not have to go to court because the offender, hangs himself before it reaches that point. The police do all they can to make it that you don't have to go to court, especially if you are not wanting compensation.
To those who say horrid things about the victims parents- be careful- you do not know the truth of what happened that day.
To the friend of Mr. Malgren-
I'm sorry that you were decived. It hurts to have a friend lie to you but you weren't the first and I doubt you will be the last. Have you ever thought about how old Malgren was by the time the US stopped sending troops to Vietnam? His lies made him seem like a great man and placed him at hero level. What's that saying? The higher they are - the harder they fall.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of people really liked Ted Bundy too. And when they found out he was a murderer, don't you think they thought "I never would have imagined". But even though they didn't expect it doesn't mean it didn't really happen.

Shame on those here who blame this girl for waiting to tell her story. Shame on those who blame her parents. And shame on those here who throw stones and judgement around like pebbles. It's always so easy to say such things when it's not your child.

I attended this school while Paston Malgren was there and I remember him fondly. He never touched me or anyone I knew. He was kind, understanding and fun to be around. But those traits don't mean he's not a molester of children. You can like him all you want - just like Ted Bundy. But he's still guilty and deserves whatever punishment he gets and more.

Benbrooks said...

Malgren was my pastor when I was a boy. He baptized me. He took my friends and I for hikes in the Sierras. He was, to me, a fine man. This case deeply saddens me. Justice and forgiveness are both indicated here. I detest pedophiles, and I hope that he endures a miserable stay in prison. For the record, he never acted inappropriately around me. The person who posted the comments about their "mother" working for Malgren and all that happened "behind closed doors" trying to get teens to enlist in the military without parental consent is a LIAR. Malgren was a kind man, a good leader, and a good pastor to the rest of us. He was loved and appreciated by us. You cannot condemn a person in total as the result of criminal behavior in one area of his life. If that were the case, all of us are worthless, unforgiveable scumbags who deserve nothing more than death. God teaches us to forgive others just as He forgives us. God's forgiveness does not exempt us from justice, and I hope that Malgren gets his just dues and suffers like his victim has. I do not excuse or condone his behavior. I knew the victim at the time, and if she were my daughter, I would likely have severely beaten Malgren and then prosecuted him. I hope that the victim finds some kind of closure and healing. She was a sweet girl. This is a lesson to me as a father to carefully teach my kids about inappropriate behavior, never to excuse it, and always to report it. I hope that Malgren comes out of prison someday and finds a new purpose in life, serving God in a new way. My heart breaks for his victim, his family, and for him. I am still trying to forgive the leadership in my church at the time who did not take the appropriate action and have Malgren prosecuted. To other pedophiles out there who are yet unreported, I say, "Be sure that your sins WILL find you out, and God will be the ONLY one who will help you when they do!"

Anonymous said...

Reading all of this makes me cry.. I have always looked up to Pastor Malgren. I have known him most of my chilhood and still today. (he has NEVER done anyhting that would make me suspect he was this kind of person.Never ever.)He was one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I can't even come up with the words to describe how I feel about this situation. Sad, Dissappointed.. there is so much evil in this world. I makes me sick to think about. He was the best pastor my church has ever had. I was sadden beyond belief when he had to leave. The way I see it.. we are only human. What he did in his past, is being justified. But if you look at his life since then, you will see that he is not that man you are all putting down. He is a good man. Why do you think this was all such a surprise?! No couldve seen this coming, because that's not him. I don't everything, neither does anyone else except the ones involoved and God. He obviously got on the right track after this happened. He was our youth pastor, so therefore he was with kids, and never did this happen. i know this. You all scoff and say mean things, but it is not your place to judge.. ill comment more later.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Malgren always told us "your sins will find you out"?!?!?

His sins found him out...

Anonymous said...

Dear Benbrooks,
I know you have fond memories of Pastor Malgren, but because I saw first hand what happened behind the scenes and the things he said to my mother and others directs him to be a man of ill intent. Mother came home from work almost daily in tears and wrought with upset. When we went to the Sierras, he was a task master and I clearly remember how difficult it was, even for my father. I am glad you have good memories of the man, but I certainly don't. And as for your claim to me as being a liar... ask my brother and one other person about the enlisting. My brother came home and told my father that he tried to convince him to go to the Army enlisting office and sign up. The victims brother, I was told, signed up to the Army without parental consent with William Malgren present. That was the breaking point for us that for our family, so we left.
I do forgive him for what happened, bud did you not see the signs? I have good memories of you and your family, but I ensure you, I am not lying. Pastor Malgren wrote a series of articles about paedophilia that my mother typed up for him for a reputable GARBC magazine. Connect the dots, old friend.
Seeing things 'behind the scenes' was really telling, but I can see your view of a man that was a great role model. So, I do apologise for our differences, but I'd like you to know that it is what it is and I am glad you have fond memories of William Malgren. Unfortunately, I don't. Our family endured not so fond memories, and years of counselling and forgiveness that Christ taught us has reconciled the potential damage he could have caused.
Be well and God bless.

Anonymous said...

There are more people who suffered abuse in this school at that period of time. I was at this school when I was 4 or 5 years old. I knew others stories of what happened to them there before all of this came out with this one woman and he was arrested. A bunch of people from that period of time in the First Baptist School came out when they were teens to tell what happened and I guess none of the parents took any extreme action, not even to call some meeting. As for contacting the sheriff's department: I with my goodwill called with the little info I have, not being able to name names nor giving my own and the detective who was then on the case is no longer working there, the current one that I spoke to was not aware of the case and simply said that it has been dealt with. As far as I understand it, this William Alan Molgren, "Mr. Molgren" for those who went to school there, was arrested for molesting one person, and served 6 years, so is now out of jail. I can not imagine every single person experiencing abuse in this school being in complete denial, even though it is years ago. If they had interviewed anyone from that time, they could have put him away for life.

Anonymous said...

This is so old at this point. But you keep saying that the victim in the case came forward when she realized Bill had access to children. In Idaho. However... he was the youth pastor at my childhood church for 10 years or more before they moved to Idaho. Never. I thought it was a bad joke when this first happened. Shocked still to this day simply because I never once saw anything remotely close to suspecting something like this. Sad really. And trust and believe I've seen my share of shitty people and pastors.