Monday, January 08, 2007

No Atheists in the U.S. Congress

Not a one! 6 claim no affiliated. I think that means they are into something new age or maybe scientology.

The religious breakdown for the 535 members of the 110th Congress.

Catholic 155; Baptist 67; Methodist 61; Presbyterian 44; Jewish 43; Episcopal 37; Protestant nondenominational 26; Christian nondenominational 18; Lutheran 17; Mormon 15; United Church of Christ 7. Eastern Orthodox 5; Christian Science 5; Assemblies of God 4; Unitarian Universalist 2; African Methodist Episcopal 2; Buddhists 2; Evangelical 2; Seventh Day Adventists 2; Christian Reformed 2; Disciples of Christ 2; Church of Christ 2; Congregational Baptist 1; Anglican 1. Reorganized Mormon 1; Quaker 1; Church of God 1; Muslim 1; Evangelical Lutheran 1; Church of the Nazarene 1; Evangelical Methodist 1.

No affiliation 6.

Source: Catholicism Top Faith in U.S. Congress

Here is my mix and match choice for a relifion, Reorganized nondenominational Evangelical Church of seven Othorox buddists.

On another note - why does this matter?


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jamon said...

An interesting list - and a little unnerving.

I wonder though, how many of them are closet Atheists?

I recon that a large proportion of the protestant nondenominational and christian nondenominational lot are likely to be. Before I became actively interested in Atheism thats what I put on forms as my religion - even though I was patently non-religious.

The question then is how best to encourage their outing?

Being a Reorganized Mormon sounds painful.

Gary McGath said...

The two UU's may be so close it makes no difference.

magikent said...

please don't forget that Buddhists are atheists.

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