Sunday, January 07, 2007

Militant Atheists have a verbose foe

RJ Eskow has thing for militant Atheist. I a painful essay on The Huffington Post, Eskow enlightens us with 15 questions for militant atheists. If you can make it through his painfully long post, read the 300 or so comments for more enlightenment.

I've been asked why I write about those I call "fundamentalist atheists," given that they are few in number and far less politically powerful than Christian fundamentalists. My answer is fourfold: First, I critize Christian fundamentalists quite a bit. It's one of my primary "missions," and it led me to debate Islam with Sean Hannity and Gary Bauer on Fox Radio. (See Dobson's Choice, The Evangelighouls, The God Gulag, and The Republichristians, just to name a few. I also write a lot on the contradictions between conservatism and the teachings of Jesus, but that won't win me any points in this argument!)

Source: The Blog | RJ Eskow: 15 Questions Militant Atheists Should Ask Before Trying to "Destroy Religion" | The Huffington Post

I will not go so far as to say I am in Eskow's camp. I don't think challenging others to ditch their religious beliefs is worthy of my time, so I have this much in common with him. It is a pointless dream meant to stir up controversy and press coverage. But Eskow misreads the militant atheist crowd. Far from doing away with religion, they seem intent on something far more threatening - at least to a theist, magnetization. If religion looses its importance in society, it might as well be considered dead. This is the fear that runs behind Eskow's rant. He fears magnetization. Don't we all?


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BlackSun said...

The whole "militant atheist" thing leaves me cold. I don't understand the objection. Harris and Dawkins are simply stating the obvious: The Emperor has no clothes. Of course people who have bought into the lie feel foolish, and try to attack the messenger of the bad news. What else would you expect? But Eskow is a special breed, because he purports to support "humanist" ideals, which include science and reason, but also 'progressive' (read collectivist and cultural relativist) politics. He then conflates atheism with neoconservatism--a ridiculous charge. This guy is one confused, sentimental mofo.

Eskow has been going off in high dudgeon now for a while--and Huffpo censors a lot of comments. I posted excerpts of my response to one of his earlier rants, and they never published it:

Mojoey said...

I agree, the guy is a wack job with a chip on sholder.

I though I was the only one who had comments banned from HP!