Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meme - Five things about me

I've been tagged by olley at 10,000 Reasons to Doubt the Fish for the Five Things About Me Meme. I hate these things, but what can you do? (besides return the favor.)

About me #1 - Jobs

I've had a few jobs. I used to repair airplanes. I had an A&P license and could do just about anything to an airplane, including rebuilding a whole section of the plane - Only I SUCKED at it. I moved on to engineering configuration management, which evolved into manufacturing operations and planning - I did these things well. I even have an APICS certification. My next career was in software development. I founded a company with a few other people which developed software for Macintosh computers. After a few years I moved on to consulting, which did not last long because the fourth company I worked for offered me a chance to run their manufacturing operations. Somehow, I picked up some system operator skills on an HP3000 running software called MANMAN, so after I was left my operations job I accidentally moved into IT with a small aerospace manufacturing company. IT stuck - only I don't really do IT anymore. I am more of manufacturing systems expert with a heavy dose of project manager mixed in. I'm good at this type of work. I've developed and implemented complex capacity and planning systems, and I've worked all over the world in the process. (next up is China.)

I'm working on my next career move now. I've always wanted to be a writer. My first real article was published just last month. I have a deadline for my next article in a few days.

oh - I forgot photography. I worked as a wedding photographer for a few years too.

About me #2 - Marriage.

I've been married for 26 years. I married a girl I met just before graduating from high school. The short version - I needed help to pass a test and she was the smartest person in school. I walked to her desk and looked at her closely for the first time and thought she was beautiful. I said to myself, "well this is the girl I'm going to marry", and I did.

We married young - eloped actually. It was a disaster, but we stuck it out. I've been happily married for over 26 years and have two wonderful sons and three loveable totally hyper min pins.

About me #3 - Food

I am an adventure eater. I will eat, or at least try to eat, just about anything. Two food are off the list, lima beans, and snails. Lima beans are just gross, I've always hated them. I won't even eat other food if it has touched a lima bean, yuck. Snails on the other hand, I love snails, but I've been struck horribly sick after eating them twice; once in Mexico and once in China. Both times caused great gastric distress. So... off the list (except when in France).

Some of the weirdest food I have ever eaten; Balut, dinuguan at puto (worst tasting food ever), kimosui (eel liver soup), head cheese (need I say more?), and some kind of soup made with Sheep's eyeballs. oh, and for some reason I've had live eel served in sake and live minnows served in a chili paste, both were excellent.

About me #4 - Fatness

I am a big man. I'm 6'2" and weigh about 385 at the moment. I've been trying to loose weight most of my life, but I have never actually made a dent. I'm on a program that works now. I drink liquid protein for most of my meals, and follow up with one real meal a day. The weight is coming off slowly and I feel much better than I used to. One day I will be skinny. But no worries, because I am the size of an NFL lineman, only really stupid people give me any grief.

I have a suspcision that About Me # 4 is related to About Me # 3, but I'm not really sure.

About me #5 - Poker

I hate to write about this next one because it will seem so trendy. I love poker. I play whenever I can. I love playing now because so many other people are playing too, and most of them play poorly. It is easy to find a good game now. I usually win. Not a lot mind you, but enough to make me feel like a winner. I've played for over 25 years. I prefer it to other types of gambling. I can remember when they were closing the poker rooms in Las Vegas. I would have to hunt for a game. Now everybody has a poker room. I played poker at Pechenga on Friday night for an hour or two with a couple of buds from work. I won $50, woohoo!

I am going to tag a long time blogger or two, and some newbies. I tag J.D. Crow, Rick's Radar, Ron's Rants and Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant.


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beepbeepitsme said...

It's interesting to read these things about other people. Maybe that is why memes are successful.

Nandes said...

Dude, you have Min Pins!?!

I have an older photo you'll dig then.

That should link to an old DeviantArt page.

The dog died a few years ago. I loved it like it was my own pet.

Mojoey said...

I have three Min Pins. Thor - a sturdy male I've had since he was a pup, and, Bella and Jasmine, two females I rescued from a shelter. I love em. Thor is a champ, a perfect Min Pin, I'll post a picture of him soon.

Your friend's min pin looks nice - mine are all black.

Johnny Crow said...

lol took me long enough to get to it, but I am going to post mine after I finish typing this. Thanks for thinking of me and giving me something to post. Lifes been a lil busy...

p.s. Have you read "The God Delusion" I am reading it now... truly a good book so far.