Sunday, January 28, 2007

Left hand with a Ruger P89

I like to shoot. I don't do it often, but I enjoy it immensely when I have the time to visit the range. I shared a lane at Insight with my bother-in-law today. He's a shooters shooter. The man has a sharp eye, a large collection of handguns, and the ability to hit anything he points his gun at. I'm a poor shot with a pistol at best. At 20 feet I can hit near a saucer sized target. I say "near" liberally too, because my shot can be anyplace on the paper. I picked up a few pointers today. big pointers in fact. It turns out being left eye dominant and shooting right handed is a problem. I am right handed, but I do everything that requires skill with my left hand except write. For those of you who have seen my handwriting, all I can say is, I love my computer.

With some help from my brother-in-law, I switched to shooting left handed. It was hard to adjust since I don't have as much strength in my left hand. The difference in my accuracy was remarkable. My first group was all in a small group inside the target. The next group with my Ruger P89 was even better. I shot a few more groups and did well, and then my strength failed and I drifted down and left.

I'm happy with my improvement, but pissed that it took 25 years to figure out how I should be shooting. I see more practice ahead.

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Anonymous said...

do you know if there is a caliber conversion unit for the p89?