Monday, January 29, 2007

Homegrown music from the OC

As my friends and family know, I'm a big music fan. I can't sing or play an instrument myself, but I can listen with the best of them. Lately I've been spinning a CD my wife brought home from a coworker named Jeremy Troutt. I can sing most of the songs by heart now, even without the music. I don't know what it is, but this self produced collection of 9 slightly odd songs has hooked me. I'm a fan.

I've asked my wife for over a month to secure permission to post two of my favorite songs at Deep Thoughts. I got the nod today, so here we go.

Jeremy is a member of the Gold Rush.

  • Rick Gutierrez - Drums, vocals
  • Dave Macias - Guitar, vocals
  • Jeremy Troutt - Vocals, Guitars

My first impression was that they could benefit from a good producer. I'm going to turn my musical genius friend, Dave Odegaard, on to them later in the week. Who knows, maybe something will happen for these guys.

Two songs stand out as great examples of self depreciating humor rapped in catchy melodies with memorable hooks.

Just like me, is a song about a man who wants a uncomplicated woman (don't we all). The song's lyrics remind me of the complicated wordplay often heard in a They Might Be Giants tune. I think the songwriter has a gift.

03 Just like

I want a girl that's not that hot
and I don't get along with very well

I want a girl who's just like me

I want a girl that's not that smart
When she wonders around men don't look at her

Sudoku, a song about a complicated woman, well kind of anyway, is just a blast. I laughed the first few times I listened to it. Now I sing along with it when it plays in the car. This song also shows an interesting mix of self depreciating humor, lyrical complexity, a catchy rhythm. Sudoku is hard to classify, They Might be Giants comes to mind again, but so does the Decemberists.

04 Sudoku.mp3

I met a girl from Tokyo
A harajuku girl you know
She wore a couple tops with a couple more on top

She said that I should see Japan
but that is not in my life plan
I asker her name, She said that it was sue

Spend a few moments listening to this songs. Visit the Gold Rush at their myspace site and offer words of encouragement (or criticism if you've had a bad day). I think these guys will appreciate some feedback.

On another musical note:

I put together a yearly compilation disc of my top 12 songs for exchange with a group of friends. It is an IT Geek thing that I participate in with a few other friends who are into music. The competition for best compellation is fierce. in 2005 I showed poorly. We are due to exchange or 2006 disc in a few weeks. My was inked - done, until I heard Sudoku. For those of you who participate in this annual right of geekdom, I hereby claim Sudoku as mine!

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Kilgore Trout said...

They Might Be Giants such a great random ass band. They can be intelligent at times, or they can be stupid with the best of 'em, and they might even be giants.

I haven't had a chance to listen to Gold Rush yet, but I'll be checking 'em out later, thanks for the advice.

aidan said...

Joey - thanks for sharing this. Caught some last time I was in.

Local talent is so often under- exposed and under-appreciated. We have some awesome musicians up here who entertain at house parties and backyard festivals.

A good friend locally custom builds guitars and plays wicked bluegrass/folk guitar and banjo. Most of these people produce their own CD's. We have put together quite a collection over the years.

beepbeepitsme said...

Cool songs.

Good luck with the "uncomplicated girl" idea. The only way that is going to happen is if we partially lobotomise the female population at birth.

Oh, hang on, no worries, religion will do the job for ya.

RG said...

Very nice.

Thanks for the heads up.