Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rangel: Bring Back the Draft

Shame on New York Congressman Charles Rangel (D). Just two weeks after an election where America spoke out against the war, a clueless Democrat strokes the fires of war.


New York Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel, himself a decorated Korean War veteran, says he'll reintroduce legislation to bring back the military draft as early as next year.

Source: Rangel: Bring Back the Draft

Commonsense prevailed - Nancy Pelosi said no, and that's going to be the end of that.

Rangel appears to be motivated by a desire to spread the misery among all classes. He seems to forget that the services are an all volunteer force - American from all walks of life serve. Even the privileged. Of course, Huffington post spins it differently.

Where recruiters usually don't bother going---and often aren't even allowed to go---is to elite private high schools and colleges.

Source: Huffington post - Lost Honor: Charles Rangel, the Draft, and why Bush should resign.

News flash: "private" means not open to the public. It is their right to stop armed services recruiters from entering school grounds. Perhaps they should look at the armed services officer corps. I think they will find a wide range of public and private universities have contributed people to leading our military.

What is a libertarian to do? Well... calling attention to the folly of Rangels suggestion is a good start. Rangels next election should be heavily apposed by a libertarian minded anti-war Republican, or by a viable Libertarian candidate. This should be Rangel's last term in office.


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Tom Foss said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this was all a sort of ruse. The Republicans have been pushing forward with the "stay the course" rhetoric for some time now, and McCain's out calling for more troops on the ground. So, rather than look like "cut-and-runners," Rangel says 'you want more troops? Here's the grim reality of what you're suggesting. Here's what your plan will require."

Because I doubt that anyone would want to bring back the draft, unless they were actively trying to turn public opinion against the war, or trying to commit political suicide.

Love the blog by the way!