Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exchange Student meets Fundamentalist

The results are embarrassing.

Things began to go wrong as soon as I arrived in my new home in Winston-Salem, where I was to spend my year abroad. For example, every Monday my host family would gather around the kitchen table to talk about sex. My host parents hadn't had sex for the last 17 years because -- so they told me -- they were devoting their lives to God. They also wanted to know whether I drank alcohol. I admitted that I liked beer and wine. They told me I had the devil in my heart.

Source: Spiegel - My Half-Year of hell with Christian fundamentalists.

I had to look into the story to make sure Spiegel was not pulling my leg. But no, its real. Fundies signed up for an exchange program, tried hard to "save poor Michael Gromek", failed, and then turned their collective backs on him. Fundies are incomprehensible. 

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toomanytribbles said...

isn't there a screening process for host families???

Mojoey said...

one would think so, but not in this case.

Nathan McIntyre said...

I can't understand what goes through the heads of those people that in name are so devoted to their faith. In action they are..what was it Jesus said? Oh yeah.."a brood of vipers".

Johnny Crow said...

Damn dude, I was just about to e-mail you the link about this story. How crazy is that. I find a lot of this stuff through Stumble. Get the plug-in for firefox, set your preferences and stumble to random sites based on your tastes.