Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nutball Alert: Brokeback America

I was following a link to an article on the Libertarian National Committee when I found Brokeback America. As fundie website's go, this one is over the top. Strike that - as hate filled paranoid fundie website's go - strike that too. Brokeback America is a website so totally NUTBALL that I pressed the "flag this" to indicate that it contains objectionable (something I've never done before) - this site is over the top. The author describes himself as:

A Free Thinking, Scots-Irish, heterosexual, Christian homeschooling, gun owning, pro-life, politically incorrect male veteran... with INTENT TO BREED! In other words: An American "Enemy Combatant".

Source: Brokeback America
WARNING - Visit at your own risk.

What is he really? A racist homophobe - and apparently totally nutball crazy too.

And.... Can somebody please tell me how this guy can describe himself as a Christian?


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Nandes said...


I took a look at that that dude's blog and was amazed.

Apparently public schools and TV are indoctrinating every child to be a homosexual.

If racist, homophobic, fundies ever become too much to bare Mojoey, come to Canada. We're still bad, but not quite as bad. Yet.

Mojoey said...

Canada - it's cold up north right?

I'm a socal boy, winter gets down to the low 70s. that is about as cold as I can stand.

I'll have to come up sometime. I've never been to Canada.