Sunday, November 26, 2006

Blue Gal: An open letter to James Dobson

It would seem that a few Christians have a problem with how Dobson treated Ted Haggard. 

Dear Reverend Dobson:
I'm just one self-professed Christian here. We both know that you don't speak for me, and I don't speak for you.
I'm disappointed that you are too busy to help Pastor Haggard with his little gay problem, though I suspect he's far better off without your "help." The drug problem has to be addressed first, since it's a symptom, in my opinion, of the self-hatred he's inflicted since who knows when.
Watching you throw him under the bus told us much more about you than about him, anyway.

Source: Blue Gal: An open letter to James Dobson

In Mojoey's Ten Commandments, #3 is: Never turn your back on a friend.

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Blue said...

Thanks for the linky love.

Mojoey said...

Blue - my pleasure.