Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let the Republican purges begin

 The evangelical right wing of the Republican party lost big in the election. When you are in charge and you lose big in politics, you lose power too. Now the Republicans know that the only way to regain power is to move to the center, away from the religious right. The Real Republican Majority is leading the way by highlighting the foibles of religious Christianist within the Republican party.

The new website, asks voters to stand up and be heard and let Party leaders know where the GOP majority stands on critical issues. Tools of the site include:

- Pander Alert – Gives users access to weekly pander alerts explaining how various politicians have pandered to the extreme right wing.

- Real Republican of the Month – A “Real Republican of the Month” will be chosen as someone who embodies the principles of big tent government and personal freedom associated with the real Republican Party.

- Files from the Far Right – Is a growing collection of outrageous and out of touch statements from the far-right extremists.

Source: Real Republican

I love the Pander Alert. I think the next two years are going to be great fun. I wonder if these guys will take the services of a libertarian atheist muckraker?



BlackSun said...

Glad to see the libertarian-wing of the GOP is getting some play!

Johnny Crow said...

Mojoey said...

Thanks Johnny - that was amazing. I will post on it for sure tonight.