Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why do I blog?

While browsing my email this morning, I came across a question from a reader. The question read:

Why do you bother to blog you hateful tool of Satan?

I normally delete this type of email without reading them. This one skipped my cleverly constructed email filter, so I was faced with reading the first sentence. The writer "Brother Tim" goes on to describe the many unnatural things that will happen to me in hell because I choose to write a blog that criticizes his religion. At least Tim is a Christian. Muslims like to describe the many unnatural things that will happen to me if they catch me. I think that my be the fundamental difference between the two religions. Tim did not like me very much, but enough about Tim.

Why do I blog?

I started blogging to improve my writing skills. Blogging has helped my writing in many ways. I find it much easier to express myself now. I am not afraid to write. Heck, I have received so many criticism of my writing and my blog's content that I have developed a thick skin. Wring is one of those skills that improves with practice. My writing has improved. My spelling still blows.

I started blogging because I like to read. There are so many good writers in the blogsphere, and its all free. How could I resist? I can invest an hour learning about somebody or I can waste an hour watching TV. I would rather read. Where else I am going to follow the trials and tribulations of The Atheist Mama, or the newly discovered exmo blog Letters from a broad, or the many other wonderful blogs available to me with fresh content each day. Blogs are like your favorite books, except that they continue to grow each day. It is a wonderful experience to read them.

I started blogging because I am a struggling artist. My art is photography. Writing is hard enough without the added burden of criticism. Photography is even harder. It is crushing to be told that a photo of mine is ugly or unappealing. Yet, after several hundred photo's and too many emails to count, I can post photo's and look forward to the comments. I no longer have fear. Rejection does not scare me. I can turn my lens on anything now. Whereas before, I was afraid of what others might think, now I want to know what people think. I have learned that some people love my photo's, some hate them, but most are ambivalent. I'm ok with that

I started blogging to find my voice. I care about many things, some passionately. However, prior to blogging I had no outlet. My voice was muted because to use it in a family or work setting would only cause me pain. I found my voice when I started to blog. Crazy people "nutballs", religious zealots, atheism, arts, and culture, all are now fair game. My voice is strong, and only getting stronger with use. Eventually (well ,now actually), I plan to write a book.

Why do you blog?

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C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Mojoey!!!

I like blogging for the same reasons.

I've written a couple of posts about why I like blogging and the Internet in general: Think for yourself! and my friend, the Internet.