Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Urban Dictionary madness

I stumbled upon the Urban Dictionary's definition for Agnostic. It was amusing and insightful. People are.... stupid.

Someone who is not arrogant enough to think they KNOW whether God exists or not. - or - Someone who does not pretend to know what so many ignorant men are sure of.

There are many more. Is this a good idea?


Donna said...

Hi, I found a link to your site at The Atheist Jew. Can you add me to your Atheist blogroll? I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I like your site. I may have to pick up your book meme.

Mojoey said...

Hi Donna,

I can add you, can you give me a link to your site?

Anonymous said...

Yes, atheists really are complete idiots. Atheists don't realize that they're merely defining themselves through "theism" by being its exact opposite.

Really, it's kinda sad. Atheism is just another religion but of the form "I _believe_ in NO God" even though it's actually not a logically valid statement since it lacks and will always lack proof.

Things outside of existence, the fundamental basis of Logic, cannot be proven or disproven with Logic. So since atheists don't seem to understand that, it's reasonably conclusive that atheists are bona fide idiots that should get some drugs at the loonyfarm.

Anonymous said...

All atheists that i know are selfish and incredibly arrogant assholes.

They claim that they use their logic and reason, but ironically, they don't seem to possess either.

I'm yet to see an atheist that isn't a self-centered and ignorant.

And yes, i'm agnostic.

Mojoey said...

and bigoted.