Saturday, August 19, 2006

Writely Test Post

Today I played with Writely and Windows Live Writer. As you can see, Writely was posted to my blog first. WLW has a few small problems, integration with Blogger is poor and it does not support bloggers photo uploads. So - what use is it really? I like it for text posts. It is much better than Writely, which is kind of still in beta. For example, Writely is not WYSIWYG. Writely is just a big blank text page. You can see your post as a trial run blog post, it is about as good as bloggers test post function. I played for a while and could not figure out how to get my image to float - oh wait, you can drag and drop. Cool.

Writely has support for tags - I am not quite sure how they work yet. Inserting hyperlinks is easy. As is editing font attributes, but it does not have a spell checker! Oh wait - it does! Writely and bloggers are not in the dictionary. That seems odd. I wanted to test the block quote function because I use it a lot. Writely does not have a button for it on the main menu, but there is one in the Style drop down menu. so from newvibes...

It took me literally 10 seconds to register an account with Google’s new on line word processor, Writely. Once you log in with your email and your password you are given a screen which tells you that you can create a new document immediately or upload a document.

Block quote seems to work OK, undoing a mistake is tedious, but what the heck, after living in blogger hell for a couple of years, HTML is not a problem. It looks like the cut and past from newvibes also carried over the hyperlinks. This could be a good tool - time and more posting will tell.

*** Posting note - the picture did not post. I had to add it after the fact. Also, my tags did not post, and my title did not come across. ***

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KJ said...

Hey, nice quote lol. I was wondering, when you posted to your blog in Writely, did it insert the blog post title too? Because with Wordpress I couldn't get it to insert the post title, just the content so all i got was a post on my blog without a title :(

Mojoey said...

It posted my filename; the title was different so I had to correct it. One other thing that I have a problem with is that it can only post to one blog. What is that all about?

KJ said...

Yes, that is something that the Gold version might have. For now i'm using Performancing as my blog editor as I can post to multiple blogs using that. i'm hoping that a lot of the features people have noticed are lacking will be included come the Gold release otherwise Writely is going to have a lot of competition on it's hands... namely Windows Live Writer.

Mojoey said...

I started using Performancing a few weeks ago. I love it for short posts. It is very easy to use and supports multiple blogs well. I've been using WLW for my longer posts and I love it. I can work around the image posting problem. I hope they fix it soon. For now, I'm not really going to use Writely. I cannot see why I should with WLW and Performancing available.