Saturday, August 19, 2006

WLW test post

I decided to test WLW by posting a text only link of a story. My first attempt, with pictures, well lets just say it did not work as planned.

I found a dreary Dear Amy post where Mr. Offended Professor, an atheist, finds the Christian ways of his officemates offensive. Offended gives details:

Soon after I was hired, I received a desk decor gift from the department dean that included quotes from the Bible on small Post-its. I also constantly receive religious e-mails that are from the department secretary and my department chair.

Other bad things happen, like praying before a meal. It is a public institution after all! Mr. Offended is afraid to complain, you know, it might cost him is job. What is he to do? Amy answers:

...Miller suggests, and I agree, that even if you don't want to make a "federal case" out of this, you have a right to let your colleagues know where you stand. I would think of this as a courtesy toward people who don't know you very well.

In other words, grow a set.

Back to reality - WJW is nice. It is very easy to piece together a post and view the results. I like it. I wish it supported blogger better. But, I suspect that is a design feature. Know what I mean? For now I will be posting with this tool, and then adding photos later.

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