Saturday, August 26, 2006

Doubting scientific truth

sisu has a great critique of those who believe evolution to be a lie evolution to be a lie
"Sissy, actually, I don't think there are any scientists who support Darwin's theory," emails the normally astute John Hinderaker of PowerLine in an eye-popping response to a note we sent the PL boys yesterday following their plug of Mark Steyn's thumbs-up review of Ann Coulter's new book. Here's what we said:
Re the otherwise awesome Ann Coulter, what do you make of her trashing of Darwin's theory of evolution? In my view, it totally undermines her credibility
It is one of my pet peeves, smart people who act dumb in pursuit of a political or religious “truth”. The argument is as simple as this. If you look up at the sky and see that it is blue, but read the bible and find that it says the sky is green, the sky is still blue, no matter what your religious “truths” would have you believe. Fact are facts – there is an overwhelming accumulation of facts supporting evolution and NONE supporting any other concept.

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brad said...

I have a post on this:

vjack said...

I agree and find it extremely frustrating at how willing Christians are to deny reality when it is necessary to preserve their delusion. I guess we can't be too surprised at this when we consider that this sort of thought process is central to all delusions.

Simon said...

And its not just Christians.

Lexcen said...

Just a note to say I'm trawling through your blog. This is too big a subject for a mere comment other than to say the forces of evil and darkness (Creationists) need to be slain by the forces of light (Science and rationality).