Friday, August 25, 2006

Dining at the block

Many of my friends have been getting on me about not posting as many picture on my blog as I used to. The truth is, taking pictures takes a little more effort then writing about nutballs and religious craziness. I am basically lazy when not working. er.. I mean I don't like to work when I am not at work. Photograpy = work = rather have a beer.

So, I vowed to take my camera with me everyplace I go and once again start recording the oddities of life that I find so fascinating. I started yesterday - I shot this today.

Take this shot - nothing odd really, only this lady and her date annoyed me at dinner tonight. He (not pictured) smoked a clove cigarette, while she talked loudly through a mouth full of fish tacos. I tried to take an ugly picture of an annoying woman. I think I succeeded. He (not pictured) started to say something to me when I shot this - one growl from the big red bear was enough to shut him up.

Why is it that eating can look so much like praying? There must be some connection to the act of praying and eating delicious fish tacos. I bet our prehistoric ancestors would gather around the nearest fish taco eatery while bending over plates to avoid dripping fishy goodness on their dress up duds. So praying must be a way of imprinting youngsters in the art of fish taco eating. Yep - that makes perfect sense to me.

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1 comment:

Lisa Bear said...

Welcome back big brother!!!
Its good to know you still listen