Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jesus in a Hawaiian food container

Call me crazy, but when I opened my Hawaiian fried chicken combo tonight, the special sauce had formed an image of Jesus in the lid. My inner Ferengi told me to calculate how much it would be worth to sell this apparition on eBay before I had even reached for my camera. I thought about saving the food too, but I figured it was a mere vessel for this miracle, so I ate it; except for the sticky rice, too many carbs.

My wife could not see it. I traced the outline of the jaw, showed the lips, eyes and nose. I even showed her the outline of his hair. He parts his hair on the right. I’m going to be rich!

Now that I look at Jesus, he could be the Virgin Mary too, or maybe Bob Marley, he was a demigod, that could be worth something. In a certain light, it could be Vishnu. I wonder if Vishnu appears to his believers in fast food containers? It was Hawaiian food after all, I think Vishnu prefers Indian food, oh heck, I could say it was Indian food. Muhammad is out. I undertand Muslims don't like pictures (or cartoons) of the prophet. Muslims please note, this image looks nothing like the prophet Mohammad. I see big money coming my way. Yep big money - or a letter bomb.

Rich I tell you, I’m going to be rich!

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Anonymous said...

I see John Merrick, or maybe John F. Kennedy (very) shortly after his death...

RG said...

I see the girl in the background on the Genesis - Invisible Touch cover:

P.S. You can't be Rich, I am.