Sunday, May 21, 2006

I've been wrong before

…and it looks like I am again. I recently posted on a friends blog that I thought nobody would give the fictional message of the Da Vinci Code much credience. Yet my news filter is full of stories like one by Harvey Wasserman. Mr. Wesserman asserts that the Code’s fictional message is real. He does so because he wants to believe the “Greatest story ever told” is a lie. His reasoning is murky; he tries to point to his point because Millions of people have waited centuries to hear it. It is very strange.

I saw the movie with my wife and son on Friday. I saw it as accurate depiction of the book. It is a murder mystery/thriller (a slow thriller, but a thriller nonetheless) with religious conspiracy overtones. However, I saw it as complete fiction. When we discussed the movie with my eleven-year-old son, it was clear that he saw it as fiction too. How could anybody see it as fact?

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brad said...

Thanks for your humility in this confession. It means a lot. When I first started to blog, I started with the "Observe and Learn" blog. The point was how un-scientific people are in their thinking and willing to use speculative method. Such speculations lead to extremism. I believe extremism and bigotry against Christians has led to millions of martyrs. Our hope is to learn to use a facts based and observation based ethod as our metod of learning.

POINT: The Da Vinci code is a perfect example of anti-fact speculative thinking. No evidence and a lot of reason and evidence for the istorical reality of the messge of the early church and someone comes up with a speculative that maybe in could be actually all a lie and a conspiracy is behind it all and those who think in specualtive superstitous ways fall for such un-reasonable lunacy. It is no different to say there is a Zionist bankers behind the scene that are the root of all our problems.

Brown believes that a feminine spirtuality is the answer to man's problems, and he has written a book of fiction to pollute the popular mind. The sad commentary on our education system is that it is working.

Brian said...

I think the issue is that it is historical fiction/ conspiracy plot. I see it being similar to JFK -- it is easy to believe that there is some sinister power behind events that we recognize historically. Because of the sometimes spotty history of the church (holocoaust complicity, inquisition, etc. etc.) it somehow does not seem so far fetched that they are concealing a "greater truth." Of course Da Vinci's all speculation and conjecture at best and lies at worst, but it makes for a decent piece of fiction.