Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dead and Dreaming Tribute

I picked up Dead and Dreaming yesterday. I really like it. I particularly like the cover of A Long December by Bayside. The rest of the bands are just as good. The set list is interesting. The bands are a bit obscure (at least to me). The CD came out in 2004. I have heard a few tracks since it’s release on a local station, but I have never seen the CD in a store. I happened to see it while shopping at Best Buy yesterday. I think it is a good value at $10. Especially if you like Counting Crows.

Angels Of Silences - Rydia
High Life - The Rocket Summer
Holiday In Spain - Number One Fan
Colorblind - Between The Buried & Me
Walkaways - Boys Night Out
Round Here - Punchline
Einstein On A Beach - Houston Call
Mr. Jones - Hidden In Plain View
A Long December - Bayside
Raining In Baltimore - The Junior Varsity
Rain King - International Language
Children In Bloom - As Tall As Lions