Monday, May 08, 2006


I’ve often wondered why American religious conservatives are so hung up on sex. Contra-Contraception explores some of the issues. The article also helped clarify a problem that has been circling around the edge of my consciousness for a few years. Why are European pregnancy and abortion rates so much lower than those in America? By the end of the article, I had my answer; Europe is a collection of secular nations. Unlike in America, religion does not get to influence the message. So, if I follow my twisted logic to its natural conclusion, conservative religious fundamentalists actually contribute to increased abortion rates.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct: you're logic is twisted. Both Europeans and Americans suffer from a hatred of life. In Europe, it manifests itself in higher success in preventing life. In American, it manifests intself in higher rates of abortion. In neither case, however, is it pro-life Christians who are causing the loss of life. We approve of neither contraception or abortion. We favor life. We are optimistic about the future and understand that we are not isolated individuals whose greatest accomplishment can be to scratch the itch, but are part of the great community of humanity and welcome each new member to that community.

Mojoey said...

No Contracption? and while we are at it can we all just stick our heads in the sand!