Monday, April 10, 2006

Nutball Alert: John Stolpe

John Stolpe, a police officer running in the April 11th election for the Mayor of Long Beach, was arrested for exposing himself near the Los Angeles Zoo. Why is John Stolpe a nutball? Well, for starters he could have simply withdrawn from the race, or he could have actually came out of the closet in some less creepy way. But no, he choose to let the world see him for what he really is - a nutball.

I predict a horrible defeat. Then again, I do not think he had much of a chance. Stolpe is not affiliated with any political party that I can find and he does not have a website - so he might be a crazy libertarian. Let me think, exposing oneself in a park, joining fringe political parties, and promoting odd positions on important issues, this tends to lead toward crushing defeat. I think this time he has only himself to blame.

I love the fact that he likened his experience to the Rodney King beat down. What a load of crap-o-la, playing the victim only works when one is actually a victim. Stolpe is a cop. I think there is a word for this…. Oh yes, hypocrisy.

I cannot wait for the round of excuses that will follow his defeat. I am sure we will hear his political opponents “set him up”, or that maybe the police lied (duh – he should know this). Of course, he might try to hide behind sex addiction or claim that he has found forgiveness in the church. It is always the after failure story that marks the true character of a man.

Why do I care? I met Stolpe once; it was not fun. He is kind of an ass-hat.

Stolpe can be reached at 562.988.8532 or by email at if you would like to send him well wishes.

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Anonymous said...

As one who has known Stolpe since High School...Inglewood High School, that it...I can speak first hand for the insanity that is John Stolpe.

From his days as a CSO (paid for by CETA Funds) Stolpe was the first Inglewood Cop to specifically tailor his uniforms to accentuate certain body parts...Hell, Stolpe was a poster boy for Tom's of Finland...long before the City of West Hollywood was incorporated.

As for Griffith Park, I believe Stolpe has been cruising that spot for years. Another high school chum (retired LASD) recounted a story of Stolpe's many trips to Griffith Park...always leaving the neighborhood on borrowed gas money, but returning flush with cash. One needs not be a graduate of Cal-Tech, to understand simple econ101...Stolpe style...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stolpe has been suck*&ng c*%ck at this park for YEARS....I can't believe he even hot married...he is known to be gay, and hiding behind the shield. This is a gay cop, hypocrite; how dare he say that the cops beat him up. He loves to meet other guys - has been going to Griffith Park for years. I feel sorry for his wife and son.

Anonymous said...

It sickens me to read the John, during his campaign, talks about his wife, the prosecutor, Sandra, using her as part of his campaign. He LIKES GUYS. The health department knows him very well - STDs over the years, hooking up with anonymous men at Griffith. I know this first hand.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I knew John Stolpe many years ago, during the 1980's, when I worked with him at the Long Beach Police Department. At a department talent show, he once sang a song to the tune of "surfing USA": his words were "snorting USA". The department didn't think it was funny.
He also saw nothing wrong with making sexist/racist/anti-Semitic jokes.

Of course people grow and change: are any of us who we were 25 years ago?
So as to what he is like now, I don't know.
As a person myself who has several arrests for nonviolent civil disobedience ("trespassing") against the war, I cannot judge his having an arrest record.

I would guess however that from the cause of his arrest: exposing himself, he probably has some kind of problem: maybe drugs or alcohol, and should get help.


Anonymous said...

Stolpe was the most dirty Chicken Shit cop I ever seen I got 3 tickets from him in 6 months.along with several other teamsters and longshoremen......He said he ran into a "overzealous" park ranger... ha

Anonymous said...

It's time for all you liars to shut up now. Stolpe was acquitted by a jury of men and women who didn't know him from Adam. He was acquitted in convincing fashion, and that wannabe park ranger was embarrassingly discredited.

Some of you jerks sound like cowards who are accomplished at taking cheap shots. That is, until you're falsely accused. Then, it's different, huh?

Anonymous said...

Stolpe was acquitted because the City of Los Angeles failed in their duty to support an excellent Peace Officer Park Ranger with 30 years on the job. It was LA's failing. As for Mr. Solpe, he's "innocent" like O.J. Simpson is innocent.