Saturday, February 25, 2006


Would you buy a Reggae album from this man? I did. Matisyahu, LIVE at STUBB’s. It just might be the best new Reggae album I have purchased in years. I’ve heard his hit “King Without A Crown” on KROQ a few times over the last few months. Then, my friend Kenny caught him at the Bob Marley day festival in Long Beach last weekend. Kenny told me Matisyahu lit the place up. Trust me, Kenny the reggae god rarely gives such good praise.

His label's website carries the following quote by Joan Anderman, of the Boston Globe:

“It's not overstating the case to say that Matisyahu is an original. The visual package is startling: Picture a young man in traditional payos (side curls), black hat, and long beard grabbing the mike and going off in front of a crowd at New York's hip Mercury Lounge, or the Knitting Factory, or Southpaw -- all rooms that Matisyahu has sold out. He is a man on a mission. And a man with a message.”

Matisyahu is not new to the Reggae scene. He’s been playing for years. It shows in his music, and it shows in his stage presence. LIVE at STUBB’s has video tracts. I was hypnotized. I bought it today. I’ve listened to in a few times already. This guy is good.

His music is mystical and religious – yet this atheist draws inspiration from it. Don’t ask my why, I don’t really care that he sings about God. I find myself carried away by his music and enriched by his message. His song "Aish Tamid" is unbelievable.

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Anonymous said... has a Matisyahu album leak posted!!! Here is the link they also have live leak posted…they are going to release one song per day leading up to his album release…here’s the link for that Check ‘em out!!!

Anonymous said...

Matisyahu is awesome.

MFK said...

nice shout out to Matisyahu...
the article got it wrong though... he doesn't have payos... most (possibly all) Lubavitchers do not either.