Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chair Detail

I took over 100 pictures today. My digital workflow process edits out the blurry and poorly composed photos. This took me from 100 photos down 50. Of those that remained, I like exactly ZERO – not counting a few of my son that is. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but I must not have been thinking about composition. They were all… bad.

I chose this photo because I took it to answer a question. I want to know what the name of this pattern is. Anybody, anybody?

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Charly said...

Fleur de Lis?

rich said...


Mojoey said...

Outstanding! thanks.

Manuelita said...

Hey, Mojoey, I’ve got a photographic challenge for you. As you know, the majority of the members of my family have black hair and dark brown eyes. Even the people I work with all have one shade or another of brown eyes. I’m fascinated by light colored eyes - blues, greens, greys, etc. - because I don’t see them very often, only read about them in books. What if you and your fancy-schmancy camera went around taking pictures of people’s faces, like a headshot, and then a second picture of just their eyes. I’d love to see that collection!!

wayne sr said...

this is a emblem of saints.