Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's all about Jesus these days

My news filter is full of stories about Jesus for some reason. For example, a new NBC series called The Book of Daniel has been "pulled' by affiliates KARK in Little Rock and WTWO in Terre Haute. The reason.... sensitivity to viewers. The affiliates are afraid the depiction of Jesus will be blasphemous.

Now, step into the way back machine... Monte Python releases The Life of Brian in 79. The Catholic Church said watching the movie is a sin, small town movie theaters ban the movie, my Pastor lectures us on the evil that is John Cleese, ect, ect, ect. Of course, The Life of Brian goes on to become a comedic masterpiece. It turns out The Church was a little hasty calling when it called the film obscene. time passes, nobody cares.

Flash forward to 2006... Normal citizens view The Book of Daniel and laugh (or not). Time passes.... nobody cares.

The real question is "Why is Jesus off limits?" We make fun of everybody and everything these days. What makes laughing at a delusional version of Jesus vulgar? What we are really seeing is the visualization of prayer through the eyes of a madman. Jesus is answering back. I always thought that qualified you as being crazy. Maybe I'm wrong, but then again, I have not prayed in a very long time.

It appears that both side are intractable, why am I not surprised?

But the American Family Association said the series was another sign of NBC's "anti-Christian bigotry." Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, an anti-defamation group, called the series the "work of an embittered ex-Catholic homosexual."

The show's creator and executive producer, Jack Kenny, said he drew on the emotionally guarded family of his male partner for the series. He said his goal was to depict how "humor and grace" help a flawed man struggle with his faith and family. He said the writers never meant to mock religion or Jesus.

Of course, there is a blog supporting the show.

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Rich said...
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Mojoey said...

Rich - sorry man, no room for asshats.

Mojoey said...

So I watched the show last night, I don't get it. The show seemed to be about a dysfunctional family and their struggles with various moral challenges. The main characters personal interaction with Jesus seems like a manifestation of his personal inner dialoged, complete with questionable rationalizations. I don’t know if I’ll watch the show again, it’s not as good as Joan of Arcadia was.