Thursday, January 05, 2006

I have this test

At least that is what Rev. Lonnie Latham is trying to sell to the press and his congregation at the South Tulsa Baptist Church. Latham probably rationalized that before he could actually minister to a gay man, he needed to test his pickup to determine if he is actually gay or just pretending. Latham would not want to waste is anti-homosexual rant on a straight man. So, a test is necessary… (I’ll leave the test up to your own imagination)

If his first story does not sell, Latham can always try “I was in the area pasturing to police” (oh wait, he did). Let us deconstruct his explanation… I was in the area (a dark hotel parking lot and known gay pickup area), pasturing to police (undercover gay hookers) and invited a one back to my room for coffee (ahem… invited the undercover gay hooker back to my room for oral sex). Of course, this is moral hypocrisy at its finest. I am sure Latham will be back in front of his congregation preaching the word by the end of March.

I have a friend who tells me that any time you see an anti-drug sticker on the bumper of a car, you can be assured that the driver is a drug addict. I wonder if the same concept applies to amoral homophobic Christian pastors?.

Unscrewing the Inscrutable as a good tread going titled Moral Oral. They express hope that Latham will come out of the closet and “leave all that manufactured Christian guilt behind”.

My pastor friend Brad will leave some crass comment on this post saying that I am picking on Christians again. Brad needs to consider that my news filter almost never picks up "famous Atheist picks up hooker".

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beautifulatrocities said...

As a teen, I went to a Pentecostal church in Oxnard. They had a frequent guest speaker from Hollywood who wore an all-white suit & would stroll thru the congregation, yelling - as the spirit moved him - This one over here needs a healing! Then you'd have to get up & go over so he could, ahem, lay hands on you. It was usually attractive young men. He too was picked up for propositioning a vice cop

Mojoey said...

I had a similar experience attending a non-denominational church in Long Beach. The church employed a youth pastor who liked to talk to young men (13 to 16) about the evils of masturbation. I had some rather troubling conversations with him that in retrospect were entirely inappropriate, a few others got to know him much better. He disappeared one day after being picked up for solicitation with a young male prostitute in Long Beach. I ran into him a few years later, he was out of the closet and much happier for it, but no longer a pastor.

freethoughtmom said...

wow, I'd only heard about this kind of thing with Catholic priests. I guess I'm pretty innocent, I mean, stupid.