Friday, December 09, 2005

A photo that was too good

Every now and then, I stumble across a picture that evokes a primitive and frightful emotional response in me. In this case, I visited It’s a Matter of Opinion for a quick look at Patrick's blog. I found a post describing Kevin Carter's award winning photo and the story of his suicide - it hurt me. I would put a copy of the photo here on my blog if it were legal, but I suspect it is copyrighted, you can see it here.

I understood instinctively why Kevin Carter eventually killed himself. I am not sure I could have taken the photo – but I would have regretted not taking even more.

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beautifulatrocities said...

The story behind the photo is disgusting & unbelievable. No normal human being reacts to suffering that way. He sold his soul, so his end isn't surprising. It's no accomplishment to so squash your humanity that you can sit for 20 minutes waiting for a more aesthetic moment. What would you say if he'd stumbled upon a woman being raped & murdered and sat back to get a more dramatic shot?

Mojoey said...

In any situation like this I would drop my camera in the mud and pick up the little girl. I would put every ounce of energy into helping her for as long as it took. I cannot wait for the perfect shot. I cannot do this - even if taking the photo would bring light to the problem. I am not god, I must help. Or suffer the same fate.

I appreciate the impact of this photo – it evokes many emotions. If, as you describe he stumbled upon a rape, his inaction would be a crime, as it should be in the case of this photo.

When I said I would regret not taking the photo, I was trying to say the image is important in drawing attention the scenario. It may help save more lives to publish the photo. However, I could not have taken it. To be true to myself, I must help the child.

Patrick said...

Thank you for the link. It is indeed an emotion provoking picture.
I thank you for your interest.
The photo may be copyrighted but certainly not by me. I got it from a google image search. There are hundreds of them online, however a close inspection will show 2 different ones. In one the bird is sitting hunched over (I think that was the actual winner) in the other, its neck is up.