Saturday, December 10, 2005

Band Sticker - Fervent Hub

The great thing about my photography addiction is that it feeds my music addiction. I shoot band stickers whenever I come across them. They are normally affixed to the backsides of public property – by teenagers I think. Fervent Hub is a great representative example. They are an all bass “outside the musical bounds” club band. I’ve listed to three droning music clips so far, they all seem O.K. Yet somehow, I do not expect to hear them on the radio. I would buy a CD if it were possible, just to stump my musical friend Richard on obscure rock bands. Fervent Hope has a myspace page where samples of their MP3s can be played. They are playing at The Pitcher House in Hermosa Beach on December 15th.

Trapped in Hell
The Soda Junky
The New Thing bonus

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1 comment:

Johnny Crow said...

I have been really big into indipendant, up and coming, and even local bands lately...

Try cheking out:

And lately I cant get
out of my head. or my car cd player. effin rockin. But then again I am ecclectic in a lot of my music.