Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nutball Alert: David "Darwin" Bedford

The world is full of nutballs. I normally find nutballs affiliated with religious movements becasue nutballs abound in in the presence of faith. However, sometimes I find nutballs among the ranks of my fellow Atheists. Like my newest nominee, Darwin Bedford, a hate filled and delusional Atheist activist. Dawrin is a Canadian, so he is already suspect, when you add the fact that he has proclaimed himself to be the Atheist Messiah, well… I think he might be nutball.

I came across Bedford by chance; a news story came through my news reader documenting some of his antics. Apparently, he is doing his best to disrupt the upcoming Canadian elections. A quick review of his website shows his absolute hatred for Christianity. As an Atheist myself, I find his position repulsive. I have no desire to challenge the faith of any other person. Atheism is my choice – I am not evangelical about Atheism.

One of Bedford’s websites contains this warning. “Warning: If you vote for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives you would be voting for religious extremists with a hidden agenda.” Within this quote – Bedford links to a sexually oriented anti-Harper site. Does this promote a healthy view of Atheism?

At, Bedford pulls out all of the stops. His favorite slogan “If Jesus returns, kill him again.” The site is full of overtly offensive material – it is the very incarnation bad taste. No wonder that some Christians fear us.

Bedford penned several essays which are available on his poorly designed website. These include: Jesus is a no-show, the Pope is Humpty Dumpty, and Why god is siding with bin Laden. One of his links actually claims to link to a nude picture of Beford – for some reason I could not bring myself to look.

Bedford is clearly a nutball. He preaches hate and intolerance. I cannot say that I support his efforts in any way. I don't undestand why people do this kind of thing. The only explanation I can come up with is that people like Bedford are damaged.

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Johnny Crow said...

I always say its not faith I hate its the extremists. Just like Humanity, I often feel a deep sorrow, and a pity for being apart of the same race (human I mean) as some of these people. They come in all shapes and sizes. I realize that sometimes peoples actions are simply a way to strike out (much like a child does) at what is bothering them, obviously once it goes beyond a certian state, people loose thier sense of reason and logic. Sad, but true.

The Butcheress of Abu Ghraib said...

And to think this guy could have decided against going out of his way to not only upset theists but bring a lot of heat down on atheists as well and wasted his time not letting other people's be;iefs affect his life to the point where he has gone on a crusade against them.

Fidem Turbare said...

Darwin Bedford is a rational leader in the atheist sphere, but he's sort of like Pol Pot in that the uprising will start first and then he'll become a major figure in it.

I suggest keeping an eye on Darwin because he's definitely making waves in a manner that is sure to spark progress in places where progress is normally discouraged.

Michael Cyr said...

Yeah, he's extreme, but theists have as much to fear from us polite atheists as they do from Bedford and there's NEVER been a theist who thought twice about the feelings of Atheists.

Anonymous said...

yo dudes ( and dudettes ) that bedford nutter hes still muckin a-round and u can find him hes at canada atheists as a ambassader of reson!!!!!!! wtf how he get that job????

benvad said...

He's a jerkoff loser and that's all there is to it.