Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stereo Image

So, back in the day (1990 or so) I used to love stereograms. I even had a company that made the software that allowed people to make highly complex hidden image stereograms. I also made dozens of them myself. My brother-in-law was the real pro. His work even made the cover of Duckman Comics #1.

I took a picture the other day that reminded me of my old efforts; a channel with holes along its length. I spent some time cutting and arranging it in Photoshop and... Well you can see the result above, a stereo image of a series of holes. If you shift your vision slightly, the image will take on three-dimensional qualities. It has been at least ten years since I made something like this. I think I will make a few more in the days ahead. Its fun and appeals to the autistic side of my brain (yes I said autistic on purpose - I find great comfort in repetitive tasks, like sorting pennies or debugging software).

Lean how to view a stereogram here.
See a more complex example of a Stereo Image here.

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1 comment:

Johnny Crow said...

for some reason, I have never really been able to see the images in stereograms. For some reason my eyesight overcorrects too well, or something. like those images that can be seen as two different things, depending on how you look at them. Well every few seconds my eyes sees one, and then the other. Never just one.