Saturday, November 12, 2005

A good cigar

Last night I gave myself an hour to relax. I choose to smoke a cigar at Joe R's in Long Beach prior to enjoying dinner with a friend later in the evening. I intended to pick a cigar which I had not smoked before. Something new and light would have been nice. While in the humidor I spotted an El Ray Del Mundo, a cigar another friend had acquainted me with a few years ago in Tucson. The El Ray is not a light cigar. I consider it rich, powerful, and in its larger varieties, completely buzz worthy. I find it good to smoke in moderation.

El Ray Del Mundo (means King of the World)
Handmade in: Confradi, Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador/USA Connecticut
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Dominican Republic/Honduras

My hour of smoking was a complete success. I spoke to half a dozen new people and had a noteworthy conversation with the cowboy bouncer from the Blue CafĂ©. I sat in a chair on the sidewalk while the world drove by – for those of you who do not live in LA, I did not even need a sweater.

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Rich said...


An El Rey is a fine way to spend some time of an evening. I like the Robustos the best. I want to try their Bon Bons.