Monday, August 01, 2005

Pure Speculation

Various news agencies are saying that oil prices up on Saudi King's death. It is pure speculation. Prices have bid up to $61 per barrel on anticipation of something happening in Saudi Arabia. King Fahd has been out of the picture since his stroke in 95. Crown Prince Abdullah has been running the show with absolute authority. We can expect more of the same form Abdullah, a steady flow of oil and Islamic fundamentalists.

Does anybody else think it is odd that America pours money into Saudi Arabia in the form of oil revenues and aid, and Saudi Arabia pours its money into spreading the reach of its version of violent Islam? I need to get an electric car.

Crown Prince Abdullah is no friend of America. Through indirect actions, he fights us at every turn.

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Johnny Crow said...

And yet, they are wonderful family friends with the Bush's.. Hmmm... makes you wonder, no?