Monday, August 01, 2005

Back to Blogging

Now that the stress of my final quarter of graduate school is behind me, it’s time to turn my attention back to blogging and photoblogging.

I’ve been encouraged by a few readers to separate my blog into two blogs, one for photos and one for my commentary. I’ve thought about it and I have decided that I am too lazy to focus on two blogs. So, everything will stay in Deep Thoughts – except for my two overflow photoblogs, and Bumper Reader.

I’ve also been criticized for my views on religion, so I want to make a few points perfectly clear. I don’t hate or even dislike mainstream religions at all. I think the fringe religious folk are very funny. If I were to rank them in order of hilarity, the list would go something like this:

#1 Christian fundies & other minority offshoots
#2 Wiccan’s and Pagans
#3 Cults
I don’t include Muslim’s in the list because I don’t find much humor in the Muslim fundamentalist sects bombing and beheading in the name of world dominance. They are unfunny – which makes them fair game for harsh criticism.

And then there is the whole atheist thing. I don’t believe in anything… so I take a dim view of those who try to fit my into some preconceived religious box, limit my rights, or act against me lack of belief (Of course, they always tend to be fundies…). So I will post liberally on this subject. Did I mention I just graduated from a Christian Graduate School? Funny, no?

It’s good to be back.


Johnny Crow said...

I dont know you well, except from reading your blog, and I have to say its good to see you back. I like what you have to say about things and your viewpoint. Don't worry about critisism it just means they are listening... and that is good enough.

fudgebumpkin said...

No, extremist Muslims are not something to laugh about, but although they are more active at the moment, people from most communities have extremist and violent elements to them. Tarring the entire Muslim community with the same brush is not a good way to think for a rational person. It helps in your arguments when criticising belief systems to know exactly what is being propogated.

Mojoey said...


I was careful in my wording regarding Muslims, it is Muslim fundamentalist that deserve criticism, not Muslims in general. I poke fun at Christian fundies, but not Christians in general. Except, Christian fundies are not trying to blow up buses at the moment, only the occasional abortion clinic.