Monday, July 25, 2005

As it all comes to an end

I experienced my last study group of my Pepperdine MBA career last night. The team, Pete, Cesar, Michael, and I, met a Pete’s condo in Huntington Beach to assemble our final presentation and group paper. The team has been together for two years, yet the end was anti climatic; we stood, hit fists like the homies we are, and then went home. The same could be said for school too. As I move through the final steps towards graduation, I am continually saddened by each passing milestone – at the same time, I am excited about the possibility of getting my life back. I don’t think I’ve read a book for pleasure in over two years, nor have I played a single game of chess.

School is over for me next Saturday when I take the Strategy final. I intend to drink, eat, and smoke (a good cigar) and then read a completely useless book soon after finishing the final. I may even read a murder mystery.

It’s the mixed feelings that are bothering me. I know this in an important milestone in my life, yet the educational process was invigoration, if find leaving it behind a hard thing to do. Ah well, I can always get a Ph.D.

My only regret is that I took Strategy with Dr. Green. But… more on that after my grades are safely in.

I'll get back to posting picture soon - School and work have taken all my time lately.


Johnny Crow said...

Its good that life is finally getting on for you... congrats. I hope you do well.

Anonymous said...

Joe...I'm so glad this program is almost over. I'm going to miss seeing you, Pete, and Cesar on a regular basis. But I will spend my newfound free time thinking happily about how much fun we are now having with our respective friends and families. It has been a pleasure working/studying with you. I have not been inspired by anyone in the Pepperdine program (including our "professors") more so than you. You have been a great mentor and friend during this experience and I respect you dearly. I feel privileged to have gotten to know you over the past two years and I strive to one day achieve your level of wisdom in both my career and personal life. Thanks for tolerating my many annoying tendencies over the past two years. I would wish you luck in all your future endeavors, but I know you don’t need any luck. You make things happen, and I’m certain that you will be successful in anything you but your heart into.

Mojoey said...


Thanks for the very kind words - I too feel I have benefited from our relationship. It has been a wonderful experience meeting someone who is so focused, smart, and on point in. It seemed that even when we were overloaded with B.S. work you always seemed to cut through it and deliver. I respect you for that; I am sure it will carry you a long way in your career. What I appreciate the most was standing by me when Chris went off the deep end. You have my eternal gratitude Mike, I really appreciated it.

I think I'll miss just sitting around a shooting the shit with you guys - maybe we can keep some face time going during a football game or something. I mean, the Chargers are likely to loose badly to the Raiders this season. Thisseems like a good place to start. Maybe we can meet at Pete’s new bachelor pad for a game or two this season.