Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I want one

Greedo Never Fired has a very cool design for a tee shirt called AT AT A BOY! It is up for a vote at, (if you can find it) drop by and give it some support. I think this design might catch the eye of Lucas - I hope the creator does not get sued.

What does the blog name Greedo Never Fired refer to? - I'm a Star Wars geek so I should know. In the original Star Wars Hans Solo kills Greedo before he could get a shot off. Lucas changed the film in subsequent releases to change Solo's image. (o.k. so my buddy John gave me the scoop a few weeks ago...)


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Johnny Crow said...

Threadless rocks.... and we all know greedo never fired... Cause Han would never be that slow.. geez. Everyone was always about luke... I'm telling you Solo was the Man. Dont even get me started on Chewie, or even the ewoks.. poor little guys could prolly take over the universe if they wanted to....