Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Dutch-Muslim Culture War

I came across a great OpEd piece in the Nation today. The article profiles the efforts of Dutch activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her “crusade” for women’s rights in the culturally closed Muslim communities in the Netherlands. I am convinced that when history is written for this first decade of the new millennium, Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be held up in the same light as we American’s view Caesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony, or even a shade like the great Martin Luther King. My point is, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is on an altruistic mission – when Islam kills her, there will be an outcry, she will be elevated to cultural sainthood, and her contribution to women’s rights will be realized. That is... if the Netherlands survives the coming culture war with Islam.

I have been watching Hirsi Ali since Theo van Gogh, her Dutch collaborator on the film Submission, was slaughtered on a public street five months ago. Her campaign is courageous, her cause is just, and she speaks the truth about Islam “the religion of peace” as only a Muslim can. I hope the world listens.